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Genre: Children's Ages 8-11

Author: S.J. Reed

Hugo - Hugo is an old-fashioned tale set in the mythical, mystical time when dragons and knights roamed the land. The Kingdom of Calhoun is ruled by wise old King Wazur. One day a dragon named Hugo arrives and saves the town from certain destruction. All Hugo wants is to be the people's friend, but will the King's jealousy drive the amiable serpent away?

Genre: Science Fiction / Suspense

Author: S. Zarkon

S. Zarkon-Science Fiction, Suspense and Fantasy stories

Tales of Zarkon

Inspired by The Twilight Zone, Strange Tales and The Outer Limits, Tales of Zarkon are science fiction, suspense stories exploring the quirky, dark and bizarre aspects of humanity and reality. Strange twists and odd turns will lead the reader down shadowy paths where anything can happen and nothing is as it seems.

The Last One - The hunt for the last Runiza in Tuzim is winding down and Norman McKeever has a ringside seat for the finale at the house of his friend, Party bigwig Fred Hoffman. But what will happen next if the Runiza is eliminated?

The Pyrrhic Solution - The Miner's Lair is the hottest place around the old mining town of Bisbee. But Stewart Winslow finds out that sometimes appearances can hide a gruesome secret.

Mercy - Retired engineer Jim Ziegler pays shady Sonoran businessman Esteban Barranza a visit with an odd request that baffles and entices the corrupt 'entrepreneur' and his menacing henchman Rodrigo.

The Critter House - College students Wesley Tolan and Jean Brunson have settled in for a nice, romantic summer picnic at a remote New Mexico lake when a smiling, unsettling visitor interrupts their peaceful outing while on a trip through the desert southwest. It doesn't take long before the young lovers realize that this enigmatic stranger is not only a danger to them but to every human he meets.

The Treasure of San Guillermo - When avid hiker Jacinto Rivera wrote a book about his favorite trails in the Superstition Wilderness, he never dreamed that someone would ask him to lead a treasure hunt. But three mysterious, fortune seeking patrons have some secrets of their own which may make their search for gold a deadly one.

Creature X - Industrial magnate Cyrus T. Stokes, his old friend and co-worker Matt Kozlowski and his loyal assistant Beto Lopez are hunting javelina in the desert when they encounter a strange creature that piques Stokes curiosity and ignites his lust for a new trophy for his mantle. They meet up with college students Regina Morton and Andy Drew, who reluctantly join the pursuit of the elusive beast. But who exactly is in control, master hunter Stokes or Creature X?

The Toxic Storm - Four diverse strangers take shelter in Grandma Mosby's convenience store on the Louisiana Gulf Coast during a treacherous and unusual hurricane. The refugees discover the atmosphere inside the store may be more perilous than the mysterious storm which holds a deadly secret in its depths.


The Eternal Battle - Strellix is a fascinating, remote world with three species of sentient beings vying for control of the planet; the trusting, reasonable, furry Soolmarines, the fierce, greedy, insect-like Squitos and the brutal, deceptive, lizard-like Snarpats. Can Elfa Del Bonova and his assistant Jon Zen, counselors from the Ancient Planetary Order, solve the crisis and save the planet from a catastrophic conflict?

Genre: General Fiction / Short Stories

Author: Steve Rexler

Retro Tales

Retro Tales are stories seasoned with a strong nostalgic flavor. Set in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, these sepia tinted yarns will get you longing for those halcyon days before the Internet, ubiquitous cell phones, distractive electronic gadgetry, 24/7 advertisement bombardment and seemingly billions of television channels beaming nothing but dreck to the masses.

The Switch - Dan Braun had it all; a high paying tech job, a luxury condo, a cool car. But the programmer wasn't happy; he was suffering from career burnout. His supervisor, Roy Rand, was making his life miserable. Finally, a confrontation with his boss forces Dan to make a life altering decision.

Nostalgic Short Stories: Sepia Tinted Tales of the '60s-'90s - This collection presents nostalgic, sepia tinted stories about coming of age during the decades of the late twentieth century - the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

    The Right Thing Sixth grader Cody Jones was miserable at school and at home. Since the death of his Grandpa Jake, the only time he felt good was when he was playing superheroes with his friends. But one event just may change the course of his life.
    A Different Breed What starts as a family hunting trip into the autumn countryside turns into a revealing incident for every member of the Schneider family.
    The Pearl Sometimes meeting just one person can turn your whole day around
    The Impossible Rage Scott Geiger was swamped with homework and needed a fast close at his job at Mandy's Big Tex Burger. But with unpredictable co-workers Don Maynard and Heather Dworak working, would he ever get home?

Nostalgic Youth Baseball Short Stories - This collection presents nostalgic stories about coming of age playing the timeless game of baseball, America's pastime, during the 1970s.

    It's All Mental The Monitor Little League championship game has arrived. Willie Bruckner plays for the Royals and it's their big chance to shine. The only problem is they're playing the best team in the league, the Giants. Who will win?
    The Cut There's nothing more nerve wracking than the day of the big cut. Surely the Coach would keep Scott Compton, the fastest boy on the team, wouldn't he?
    Deep Right Field The prospects for the Orioles to have a good season in the Lasko Park League didn't look too promising, especially when one of the players shows up wearing cowboy boots and three other players can barely catch the ball. But sometimes the most important lesson to be learned is that baseball is just a game.

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